Year 5 Chapter 27 Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery A New Danger Walkthrough

By | May 10, 2019

Guide for Year 5 Chapter 27 Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery A New Danger Walkthrough – You get more than you bargained for when you bring the vault portrait to Rakepick. Now you must prepare to face a new danger… You will learn Conjunctivitis Curse from Rakepick in this chapter
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Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Year 5 Chapter 27 Walkthrough

There are 6 task in year 5 chapter 27 :
1. Meet Rakepick at Grand Staircase (Lower Floor – West)
Show the Vault Portrait to Rakepick

finish “Question Rakepick” activity with 1 star to pass in 1 hour

You will pick a place to meet Charlie :
– Library
– The Three Broomsticks

2. Meet Charlie at Three Broomsticks
Learn about Dragons from Charlie

finish “Chat about Dragons” activity with 1 star to pass in 3 hours

you will meet Ben and he will say :
Emily tyler just bumped into me with her chair and i didn’t even flinch
– Tease Ben
– Encourage Ben (level 8 friendship with Ben)

5 hours wait for next task (73 gems to unlock)

3. Visit Professor Binns at History of Magic Classroom (Lower Floor – East)
Get Dragon Facts from Binns

Merula will ask :
Bill and i are apprentice curse-breakers, too. Why would Rakepick tell you about the dragons and not us?
– Rakepick trusts me
– Rakepick is unpredictable
– Because of the vault portrait

finish “Learn Dragon Facts” activity with 1 star to pass in 3 hours

4. Visit Hagrid at Hagrid’s Hut (Castle Grounds)
Get Dragon Advice from Hagrid

finish “Get Dragon Advice” activity with 1 star to pass in 3 hours

5. Meet Rakepick at DADA Classroom (East Towers)
Learn to Cast the Conjunctivitis Curse

Bill will say :
I think you been the busiest of all, wreaking havoc to get that vault portrait from Peeves…
– I enjoyed creating chaos!
– I hated creating chaos!

finish “Learn Conjunctivitis Curse” activity with 1 star to pass in 8 hours

6. Visit Professor Kettleburn at Care of Magical Creatures (Castle Grounds)
Ask Kettleburn about Dragon Behaviour

finish “Discuss Dragon Behaviour” activity with 1 star to pass in 3 hours

Professor Kettleburn will ask you these questions about dragon :

which dragon is known for its venomous fangs?
– Antipodean Opaleye
o Peruvian Vipertooth
– Swedish Short-Snout

And let’s say you find a dragon egg that is crimson specked with gold. To which breed does it belong?
– Hebridian Black
– Ukrainian Ironbelly
o Chinese Fireball

What’s the furthest distance a Hungarian Horntail can shoot fire?
– Up to twenty-five feet
o Up to fifty feet
– Up to eighty feet


There are 2 Lessons to learn in order to finish this chapter :
– charms class : Confundus Charm (3 hours 5 stars to pass)
– flying class : Agility Course – Advanced Weaving (8 hours 5 stars to pass)
now continue to year 5 Chapter 28 : About Merula

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