94% Plane in Airport Picture Answers

By | July 18, 2015

Cheats for 94% Plane in Airport Picture Answers with 2 more questions related on 94 percent game : school and famous monuments. Can you find what words that associated or related for this question ? because if you need help, i will share all the 94% answers solutions for both ios and android version here !

94% Plane in Airport picture
41% Plane
12% Sun
11% Fly
10% Airport
10% Sky
10% Travel

There are 2 other question to this 94 percent levels :
94% School
Friends, Books, Pencils, Learning, Homework, Boring, Teachers, Students

94% Famous monuments
Mount Rushmore, Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower, Great Wall of China, Big Ben, Pyramids, grand canyon, Washington Monument, white house, Lincoln Memorial


If you’re having difficulties to find your 94% game answers don’t worry, because if you search 1 of the question correctly then you will find the rest of them here ! Just remember that there are some different question for ios and Android on this 94% game developed by Scimob, but you don’t have to worry because we have covered all the solutions !

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