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Hogwarts Trivia Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

Answers for Hogwarts Trivia Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery – This is a quest where your answer will determine the competition outcome, so choose wisely. Tonks and Gwenog Jones get into a friendly debate about who knows more about Hogwart : is it current or former students ? The only way to settle the matter is with a Hogwarts… Read More »

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Hogwarts Mystery NEWTs Answers

Walkthrough for N.E.W.T.s Answers Hogwarts Mystery – Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests is finally here ! can you get the pass the harry potter hogwarts mystery newts without cheat sheet ? if you don’t want to fail and get troll mark on your NEWTs score, and get the perfect score of Outstanding ? then find out the hogwarts mystery… Read More »

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Scavenger Hunt Hogwarts Mystery

Location guide Answers for Scavenger Hunt Hogwarts Mystery to get all clues correct rewards ! this is a new event and you will see some characters with different scavenger hunt, like : Rowan’s Case, Penny’s Potions, Murphy’s Mental Match, Corey’s Case, Barnaby’s Knarl Tour, Levi’s Misplaced Wand ! Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery by Jam City, Inc. on iOS… Read More »

Shamane’s Left Arm Reverse 1999

Guide for puzzle event Shamane’s Left Arm Solution ! how to connect the prosthetic parts from start to end in 6 parts start from Repair Fingers, Wrist, Energy Band, Elbow Band, Actuator, Energy Meter. If you can’t solve it then follow the step by step walkthrough below ! 1 reverse 1999 Repair Fingers connect the prosthetic parts sequentially… Read More »