Math Academy Answers

By | August 29, 2015

Walkthrough for Math Academy Answers to help you solve numbers on themed grids of #MathAcademy to get Zero in to win ! In this Math Academy Game Cheats you can find the correct number and mathematical operations to drag into result in 0 to make all the squares in the grid disappear so you won’t get stuck.
Math Academy: Zero in to Win! by SCIMOB on itunes ios iphone, ipad and android google play


Math Academy Practice
1-1 = 0

Math Academy Easy
2+2-4 = 0

Math Academy Four Fours
4+4-4-4 = 0

Math Academy In 2 Shots
2-2 = 0
2×5-10 = 0

Math Academy Dozen
3×4-12 = 0
12-6+6-12 = 0

Math Academy Video Solutions Guide :


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Find the right math operations and zero in to win math academy ! No need to be a math wiz, enroll in Math Academy and earn your diploma! It’s easy in the beginning, then grids will contain more and more numbers with several operations to find in the right order!