Adventure Escape Asylum Walkthrough

By | December 23, 2015

Adventure Escape Asylum Walkthrough – play as Anna to escape the asylum and discover the truth about your past ! solve puzzles to escape the asylum.
Adventure Escape: Asylum Murder Mystery Room, Doors, and Floors Point and Click Story! Room Escape game by Haiku Games

Can you remember your past and escape the Asylum?

Anna wakes up one day in an asylum with hazy memories of her past. Soon, it’s clear that something has gone very, very wrong at the Byers Institute. In fact, there is a killer on the loose! As Anna tries to escape, a mysterious girl begins to appear with helpful warnings. Is the girl a figment of Anna’s delusions? Or is there more to Anna’s past than she knows?

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here’s a map of byers institute :


here’s a spoiler for complete anna’s journal if you want to know the story :
day 1 – My memories are fuzzy. My doctors tell me to write down whatever i can remember, so i have started this journal.
day 3 – I’m in the hospital. They said i’m very sick, but i don’t know why. The doctors won’t tell me much of anything
day 8 – Dr. Byers came to see me today. He hs dedicated his life to studying illnesses of the mind. He is fascinated by experimental new treatments. He said he has a room where he dissects animals, and he hopes to someday win a prize for his work.
day 9 – The medication they’ve given me is strong. It makes me want to sleep all the time. When i’m awake, it’s hard to think.
day 14 – I heard a nurse whisper the name “Adam” in the hallway. I think he is another patient. He is kept in confinement, but he finds clever ways to escape from his cell. The nurses are afraid of him.
day 18 – Adam is missing. They cannot find him anywhere.
day 33 – I was walking in the gardens today when i saw a small cottage through the trees. The nurse said it’s where they keep the children.
day 35 – There is more whispering in the halls now. Many of the nurses have left. Someone told me they’ve found several dead bodies on the grounds. Adam’s victims?
day 38 – I had a nightmare today. I heard the horrible sound of metal shearing on metal. Pain blossomed in my chest, and i heard a little girl’s cries. I felt such a void in my soul that it threatened to consume me. The dream felt so real.
day 40 – At night i lay in bed and stare at the ceiling. I feel directionless. Something is missing.