Adventure Escape Trapmaker 2 Chapter 1 Walkthrough

By | April 6, 2019

Adventure Escape Trapmaker 2 Chapter 1 Walkthrough – how to solve solve codes, plaster glass ingredients, notes, watch clock and footprints puzzle on this level ! A new case begins with a dead body by the river. But can Kate focus and solve this coase or will she be haunted by Trapmaker’s escape ?
Adventure Escape Mysteries Trapmaker 2 – Mystery Story Room Escape game by Haiku Games

video guide of trapmaker 2 chapter 1 cheat :

Adventure Escape Trapmaker 2 Chapter 1 Solution
get the camera
use it to take picture of :
– wound on body
– business card near pants
– footprint on sand

make a plaster cast of footprint and perform a UV light test for blood
go to the table under the tent
tap the ground for coins

look at the donuts box for clue :
79th street
12th division
enter the code to open the box : 79 12
get the gloves + luminol inside

take the powder under the table
use coins to get water bottle from the machine

tap the cup on left table and place water bottle + plaster powder
put all ingredients to the cup using the order from the refrigerator :
1. water
2. hardening
3. plaster
4. water
5. plaster
6. water
get the cup glass

back to the body and use gloves to move it
spray luminol and look on his pants pocket
piece the note back together

use the numbers that you can find from the note
look at his watch
yellow = 9
red = 6
blue = 3
silver = 4
brown = 9

get a makeup removal wipes from red bag and use it on his body

look at the footprints on top
now back to the body and use plasters on the sand footprint
get the cast footprint and back to the top
you need to fill in the spots to the correct direction


move the garbage and get the battery
back to the tent and place makeup sample on the fridge
get the hair pin near the fridge door
open the flashlight using hair pin and get the 2nd battery
place 2 batteries on the UV Blacklight and pick it up
use the UV Blacklight on the body


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