Animagus Adventure Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Walkthrough

By | November 23, 2018

Guide for Animagus Adventure Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Walkthrough – Reveal secrets with merula about your animagus skill and search for ingredients for Professor Snape in order to get 25 House Points for your house ! but remember, you need to choose the correct answer option to get the point =)
Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery by Jam City, Inc. on iOS and Android devices

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Animagus Adventure

There are 7 part of this side quest :
1. Meet Merula at Corridor (Lower Floor – West)
Merula will ask “But i mean– please– YOU? An Animagus?!”
– It’s true! I am an Animagus!
– Don’t believe everything you hear

25 House Points, you said? That’s quite a lot
– It’s hard to trust you
– I’ll take the job!

See that 1st year over there? Go and use your Animagus ability next to them…
– Scare the first-year
– Play with the first-year

2. Meet Merula at Library (Lower Floor -East)
Madam Pince will ask you :
“Can i help you find something and thus speed your departure?”
– Got anything on Memory Potions?
– Just doing our homework!

finish “Study Memory Potions with Merula” with 1 star to pass in 1 hour

3. Get Alihotsy and Peppermint at Herbology Classroom (Lower Floor – East)
finish “Get Alihotsy and Peppermint” activity with 1 star to pass in 3 hours

Penny will ask you “What are you doing here?”
– Nothing!
– Just doing a little side job (level 10 friendship with penny)

4. Get Eel’s Eyes at Hospital Wing (Lower Floor – West)
finish “Get Eel’s Eyes” with 1 star to pass in 3 hours

5. Meet Merula at Courtyard (Lower Floor – West)
Ismelda will ask you
“My problem is that you’re trying to steal my only friend…”
– I don’t care about Merula!
– Merula and i are friends!

Defeat Ismelda Murk with recommended attribute levels : 22 22 22

Merula will say :
“You owe me big time. She is not one to tangle with, when it comes to duelling.”
– I had it under control!
– I appreciate the help, Merula

6. Get Jaberknoll Feathers at Dumbledore’s Office (West Towers)
finish “Get Jaberknoll Feathers” with 1 star to pass in 8 hours

Professor McGonagall will ask you :
“still lingering in the hallways, i see. Not at all suspicious or unusual.”
– Um…
– Well…
– Eh…

“Would you happen to know anything about that?”
– Yes, a little.
– No, Ma’am.

“Yes, and your being here, so near to the Headmaster’s office, that’s no coincidence, is it?”
– No, it’s not.
– Yes, it is!

7. Meet Merula at Corridor (West Towers)


you need to lie to McGonagall in order to get 25 house points from Snape

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