How To Get Badge In SSSnaker

On Day 6 of Newbie Quest you need to get 3 Badge(s) in SSSnaker ! so if you want to know how to get badge in sssnaker ? find out the guide below =) SSSnaker Slither, snack, shoot! by HABBY on iOS and Android devices First you need to complete chapter 4-15 of the main game, then as… Read More » Co-op Multiplayer Guide

How to play with friends in Co-op Multiplayer Guide ! The long-awaited Local Co-op feature is available on ! First you need to reach LEVEL 10 and you will unlock local co-op, complete a total of 1/4/7/10 stages and unlock bonus rewards! But if you can’t find friends in your local LAN, then play it online… Read More »

Convince Duncan Hogwarts Mystery

Convince Duncan in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery ! In Year 7 Chapter 52 of Hogwarts Mystery you need to help Jacob, Olivia, and Duncan reconcile after all these years. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery by Jam City, Inc. on iOS and Android devices Duncan attributes is high enough to make you frustate if you haven’t reached it =( 1)Courage-52… Read More »