Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Rowan Khanna Walkthrough

By | October 24, 2018

Friendship guide for Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Rowan Khanna Walkthrough – Rowan Khanna is a voracious reader and aspires to be the youngest professor at Hogwarts. Rowan’s knowledge can help you solve any mystery.
Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery by Jam City, Inc. on iOS and Android devices

when you reach level 10 of Rowan Khanna friendship, you will get glasses outfit reward

Meal with a Friend – Prove Your Knowledge To Rowan
Where was our first Flying Lesson?
o Training Grounds
x The Great Hall
x Clocktower Courtyard

What was our second class?
o Potions
x Flying
x Charms

What was our first potion?
o Cure for Boils
x Forgetfulness Potion
x Wiggenweld Potion

What was our first class?
o Charms
x Transfiguration
x Potions

What exploded your cauldron?
o Bulbadox Powder
x Fire Seeds
x Valerian Sprigs

Meal with a Friend – Beat Rowan’s Dumbledore Quiz
What are Dumbledore’s Hobbies?
o Ten Pin Bowling
o Chamber Music
x Gobstones

What titles has he held?
o Supreme Mugwump
o Head Boy
x Minister of Magic

Where does his brother work?
o Hog’s Head Inn
v Hogsmeade
x Godric’s Hollow

What is he most famous for?
o Defeating Grindelwald
v Teaching Transfiguration
x Breeding Grindylows

Who is his animal companion?
o Fawkes
v A Phoenix
x A Pensieve

What is Dumbledore’s title?
o Headmaster
v Professor
x Caretaker

Describe Dumbledore’s wand
o It’s the Elder Wand
o It has a Thestral tail hair core
x It has a Phoenix feather core

Play Gobstones – Make Rowan Feel at Home
The farm was so wonderful
o You can learn more here
v You can make friends here
x You can duel more here

There were so many creatures
o Bowtruckles?
v Fairies
x Erumpents?

Our farm’s trees make the best
o Wands
v Boats
x Brooms

Know what tree I miss the most?
o Hawthorn
v Hornbeam
x Horklump

Know what I miss the most?
o Family
v Trees
x Trains

How do I stop feeling homesick?
o Read more books
v Make more friends
x Brew more potions

I miss my family so much
o Write them a letter
v Look at their photos
x My brother is missing


Strengthen Friendships ! You can have special interactions with your companions, like Playing Gobstones in the Courtyard and Eating Meals in the Great Hall. Complete these interactions to raise your Friendship Level and unlock valuable rewards. You can even earn the chance to invite your companins on special adventures!

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