Math Academy 12 Held Hostage Answers

By | August 31, 2015

Cheats for Math Academy 12 Held Hostage Answers – beat and solve numbers on themed grids of 5×5 size #MathAcademy 12 Held Hostage to get Zero in to win ! find the correct sequence of number and mathematical operation to drag into result in 0 to make all the squares in the grid disappear.
Math Academy: Zero in to Win! by SCIMOB on itunes ios iphone, ipad and android google play

solution for level pack Math Academy 12 Held Hostage :
1+2×4-6-6 = 0
4+2-12+4+2 = 0

if you read the theme there’s a hint where to start or pattern how to drag the numbers and operator in Math Academy 12 Held Hostage Video Guide :


If you STUCK on math academy 12 held hostage pack, just remember it’s not a bug, you might have the calculations in the wrong order, or you selected the wrong square so you can’t clear all the grid. In this case, start over using the “Refresh” button and try a new order.
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