100 Escapers Level 30 Walkthrough

100 escapers level 30 walkthrough will help guide you to create something to open the door ! there’s a code hint to open the wooden box on the clock here’s the solution answer : take the rope from the door, between the handle go to the right and take the poster open the middle drawer for a sharpener… Read More »

100 Escapers Level 29 Walkthrough

Find a secret exit for this stage ! the hint is on the car 😛 100 escapers level 29 walkthrough will help you how to pass 🙂 100 escapers room 29 solution : go to right and click the box for stone find a room with girl poster, and where you can see the car use the stone… Read More »

100 Escapers Level 28 Walkthrough

There are some steps to solve this room, follow the guide on 100 escapers level 28 walkthrough ! the tricky part is on the last step, find the solution here ! here’s the help answer for room 28 : go to left and take a boxing glove find a desk there’s a scissors, duct tape and paper you… Read More »

100 Escapers Level 27 Walkthrough

Find 3 ‘key’ shape to pass this door ! 100 escapers level 27 walkthrough will show you how to make them ! hint : the door is the round iron, on the side there are 3 shape that you need to fit 100 escapers room 27 solution : go to aroom with table and get : a lighter… Read More »

100 Escapers Level 26 Walkthrough

As usual a safe to open, but it’s not where the key is 😛 help answer is here in 100 escapers level 26 walkthrough for you ! hint : there’s a dog that need to be fed up 100 escapers room 26 solution : get screwdriver under cabinet on the left cabinet there’s a dog food in can… Read More »