100 Escapers Level 26 Walkthrough

As usual a safe to open, but it’s not where the key is πŸ˜› help answer is here in 100 escapers level 26 walkthrough for you ! hint : there’s a dog that need to be fed up 100 escapers room 26 solution : get screwdriver under cabinet on the left cabinet there’s a dog food in can… Read More »

100 Escapers Level 25 Walkthrough

Need a hint answer for safe code in room 25 ? then look the solution in 100 escapers level 25 walkthrough here πŸ™‚ step by step guide : take the ladder on the left side of the door get these items : find a plunger inside basket a screwdriver behind barrel saw inside drawer near the tree there’s… Read More »

100 Escapers Level 24 Walkthrough

Find a chip to open this door, we have the answer hint in 100 escapers level 24 walkthrough to pass this door easily πŸ™‚ here are the solution guide : go to the table and open left and right drawer for : iron and wood, rhino statue look for a big stove, zoom in to take a pan… Read More »

100 Escapers Level 23 Walkthrough

The door is missing keyhole, but don’t worry we will help you in 100 escapers level 23 walkthrough where where to find it and pass this room πŸ™‚ step by step solution guide for this stage : look above the door and get the nest open the right and left sliding door between the main door for :… Read More »