100 Escapers Level 21 Walkthrough

Blow up the hot air balloon to get a door code ! We share the answer in 100 escapers level 21 walkthrough here ! the solution code for this stage is : 142788 here’s the help guide how to get this code : get a lockpicking tool from above the door code (zoom in) go to where the… Read More »

100 Escapers Level 20 Walkthrough

For 100 escape level 20 walkthrough you will find to open the door and pass it you must light the room with fire ! help solution guide for this stage : find a room with book and statue ? get a torch from statue hand and light it with fire from torch on wall get the book and… Read More »

100 Escapers Level 19 Walkthrough

Get the safe code for magnet to pick the key ! The solution for 100 escapers level 19 walkthrough is quite simple, just find some hint then you can crack the code the puzzle code is 5612 wonder why ? see the stage guide here : first pick up a plunger near the toilet look for the gloves… Read More »

100 Escapers Level 18 Walkthrough

Don’t get stuck too long to balance the weight ! we have the answer for you in 100 escapers level 18 walkthrough so you can pass this stage easily ! solution guide : find room with 7 bags, each bags have different colors go to the scale and you can weigh each bag to see the weight but… Read More »

100 Escapers Level 17 Walkthrough

With 100 escapers level 17 walkthrough you will find a way how to make the machine broke the door glass, so you can pass it to next stage ! answer solution for room 17 : get a saw handle near the machine (right to the machine) find a room with wide desk take the wood on the top… Read More »