Year 5 Chapter 25 Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Creature Of Chaos Walkthrough

By | April 19, 2019

Guide for Year 5 Chapter 25 Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Creature Of Chaos Walkthrough – Ultimate chaos requires a dangerous creature. You’ll need your friends to plot this final and most risky part of your mischief masterpiece.
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Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Year 5 Chapter 25 Walkthrough

There are 7 task in year 5 chapter 25 :
1. Go to Magical Creatures Class at Care of Magical Creatures (Castle Grounds)
Study with Barnaby, Charlie, and Liz

Professor Kettleburn will ask you :
How would you find a Knarl hidden among hedgehogs… ?
– Whistle a tune
– Offer each milk (correct answer)
– Dangle a glittery object

finish “Brainstory Creature Ideas” activity with 1 star to pass in 3 hours

2. Meet Diego at Training Grounds (Castle Grounds)
Get a Duelling Lesson from Diego

Duel Diego with recommended attribute levels : 22 22 22

3. Visit Hagrid at Hagrid’s Hut (Castle Grounds)
Ask Hagrid about Trolls

finish “Learn about Trolls” activity with 1 star to pass in 3 hours

4. Go to Detention at Kitchens (Dungeons)
Get MEat to Lure a Troll

finish “Clean the Kitchens” activity with 1 star to pass in 8 hours

Jae will ask you :
So which do you want by your side if you have to take down a Troll :
– Bill (level 9 friendship)
– Merula
– Diego (level 2 friendship)

(i pick Merula so the interaction will be with merula)

5. Meet Merula at Great Hall (Lower Floor – West)
Convince Merula to Duel a Troll

Recruit Merula with 3 diamonds to pass and recommended attributes : 20 21 21

3 hours waiting time to open part 6 or skip with 55 gems

6. Meet Andre at Three Broomsticks (Hogsmeade)
Bring Andre up to speed

Andre will ask you :
You think you’ll defeat a Troll wearing… that ?
– Yes, absolutely
– You make a good point
– Clothes don’t matter

7. Buy new Clothes
Dress for complete Chaos


There are 2 Lessons to learn in order to finish this chapter :
– Charms Classroom : Muffliato (3 hours 5 stars to pass)
– Potions Classroom : Erumpent Potion (3 hours 5 stars to pass)
now continue to year 5 Chapter 26 : Chaos Ensues

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