Year 5 Chapter 9 Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Dangerous Friends Walkthrough

By | November 16, 2018

Guide for Year 5 Chapter 9 Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Dangerous Friends Walkthrough – Professor Rakepick is ready to teach you about Floo Powder, but first, you’ll need to choose the perfect companion to face the dangers of Knockturn Alley.
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Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Year 5 Chapter 9 Walkthrough

There are 4 task in year 5 chapter 9 :
1. Meet Professor Rakepick at Defence Against the Dark Arts Classroom (East Towers)
discuss knockturn alley with Rakepick
finish “Study Defence Against the Dark Arts” activity with 1 star to pass in 1 hour

Madam Rakepick will ask you :
“who would you like to bring with you to Knockturn Alley?”
– Jae Kim (level 3 friendship)
– Merula Snyde
– Bill Weasley (level 8 friendship)

2. Meet Merula at Three Broomsticks (Hogsmeade)
Convince Merula to join you in Knockturn Alley

Recruiting Merula with recommended attributs : 21 21 22
Why do you want me to go?
o You won’t be intimidated
v You know how to fight
x You know how to talk people

What if we get caught?
o We won’t get caught
v I’ll take the blame
x You might like detention…

What if Fletcher tricks us?
o I’ll outsmart him
v we mght not even find him
x We can trust him

Knockturn Alley is dangerous
o That’s why i need you with me
v Rakepick has us prepared
x hogsmeade is more dangerous

3. Meet Bill at Training Grounds (Castle Grounds)
Learn a new spell with Bill Weasley
finish “Learn Stupefy” activity with 1 star to pass in 3 hours

4. Meet Professor Rakepick at Great Hall (Lower Floor – West)
Learn to use Floo Powder with Rakepick
finish “Learn to use Floo Powder” with 1 star to pass in 8 hours


There are 2 Lessons to learn in order to finish this chapter :
– Potions Classroom : Deflating Draught
– Herbology Classroom : Fanged Geranium

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