100 Escapers Level 9 Walkthrough

Fix the key remote chain to open the door ! Read 100 escapers level 9 walkthrough 🙂 even though it’s quite long step we will help you step by step ! hint : find some items and chips to put into the remote 100 escapers room 9 solution : go to the windows and zoom in the plant… Read More »

100 Escapers Level 8 Walkthrough

Fix the door button and find a code to open door, we’ll guide you on 100 escapers level 8 walkthrough ! where you can find the step by step answer easily 🙂 solution for stage 8 : go to the room with fridge and oven open the fridge and get a plastic bag click under the stove to… Read More »

100 Escapers Level 7 Walkthrough

Read 100 escapers level 7 walkthrough to solve this room and pass it without any trouble ! hint : create a key to pass door on this stage, the mold is the one with rope 🙂 100 escapers room 7 solution : go to the room with rope, open the chest for battery find a room with chess… Read More »

100 Escapers Level 6 Walkthrough

There’s a tricky part for this stage, see the answer in 100 Escapers Level 6 Walkthrough room 6 solution : fix the wire near the door to pass this level ! first zoom in and get a stick between the cabinet and chair go right to see a bookshelf open the right and left cabinet to get a… Read More »

100 Escapers Level 5 Walkthrough

Fix the hidden wire to open door 5 ! read the help solution in 100 escapers level 5 walkthrough answer for room 5 : on room with door get a wire and hammer find a room with table and get a drill go to room with window and find a paper with round shape on the right zoom… Read More »