Adventure Escape Cult Mystery Chapter 3 Walkthrough

By | December 26, 2015

Adventure Escape Cult Mystery Chapter 3 Walkthrough where on level 5 we will solve 3 doors with crystal tests of logic, dedication and progress for the compound : wooden doll, pool ball, card, marble puzzle, lab equipment – Play as detective to go undercover and bring down the cult ! a missing friend, a mysterious stranger, a shadowy cult with a secretive leader, can you solve challenging puzzles to escape ?
Adventure Escape: Cult Mystery Murder Case, Room, Doors, and Floors Detective Story! Room Escape game by Haiku Games

Adventure Escape Cult Mystery Chapter 3 Solution

escape cult level 5 : the holding area
enter right door
pick up sketch on table, small wooden arm on floor, sketch on wall, small wooden head and sketch on right shelf
look on doll on table and place the missing wooden part on box, then sketch on table
you need to tap the sketch and make a model that match to the sketch one by one
note : for the 2nd doll you need to move the head a little to the right

when you’re done you can get the logic crystal behind the frame picture on wall
go out and put the crystal on right spot

enter the left door
you need to find 3 missing marbles
get the corkscrew and use it to open the bottle for 1st marble

escape cult pool ball puzzle :
match swipe the ball to hole that match the color of color above fireplace :
red – orange – yellow
purple – green – blue
get pool cue on the left wall and use it to get 2nd marble on fireplace

escape cult cards puzzle :
if you look at the cards on the poker table, it form a sequence
the first row pattern is +1
7 8 9 10 J = Q
the second row pattern is -2
K J 9 7 5 = 3
the third row pattern i + 3 -1
3 6 5 8 7 = 10
the fourth row pattern is fibonacci sequence, add the previous 2 cards to get the next card
A A 2 3 5 = 8
tap left wall and enter the code is Q 3 10 8
get the 3nd marble on bottom

place all 3 marbles on middle plate, now you need to clear the board of the marbles and left only 5 marbles
the rules :
a marble can jump over its immediate neighbor, removing the neighbor from the board
diagonals are not allowed
get the dedication crystal

go out and place the crystal on left then go to middle door

pick up stack of paper, key and some kind of lab equipment on left shelf
take the bunsen burner on left table
use key to open right cabinet for crystal powder
now tap the chemistry glassware, beakers and flasks then put them like the image below :

place paper and crystal powder on right device, then look at the compound analysis
you need to get 3 colors : red – grey – blue
open left cabinet and pick up these bottle :
1st row : middle
2nd row : middle
3rd row : left

place these items on right side of the lab equipment
you can make a crystal with the right components :
2 red – 1 white – 2 blue
drag these bottle on left beaker then get the progress crystal

go out and place the crystal on middle spot


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