Adventure Escape Cult Mystery Chapter 2 Walkthrough

By | December 26, 2015

Adventure Escape Cult Mystery Chapter 2 Walkthrough where on level 3 we will fix car flat tire and level 4 we will enter the compound security building – Play as detective to go undercover and bring down the cult ! a missing friend, a mysterious stranger, a shadowy cult with a secretive leader, can you solve challenging puzzles to escape ?
Adventure Escape: Cult Mystery Murder Case, Room, Doors, and Floors Detective Story! Room Escape game by Haiku Games

Adventure Escape Cult Mystery Chapter 2 Solution

escape cult level 3 : fixing car flat tire
open car trunk and move the items to get car jack, glove and spare tire
pick up rock and 3 vines on the pine tree in front of your car
connect vine into tree stump on middle and move down
get the crowbar using glove
then use crowbar to open car’s door for wrench
go back up where you will find darius

after a little chat you decided that you can fix flat tire by your own self
now move all items to the car puzzle picture and you will have 5 images
order the photo in the correct way, here’s the answer for car flat tire puzzle :

escape cult level 4 : the compound security building
go to right side and open the truck’s car for cheese
back to left and give the cheese to mouse on middle
pick up ring of keys
back to the truck and use 2 keys to open the lockpad
select the 6th and 8th to unlock the door open
pick up cleaning rag inside

look at the security camera :
A8 B5
C9 D7
use these numbers to open the door inside truck
take cleaning spray and hood inside

use both cleaning spray + rug to clean all 3 windows
memorize the dog collar text, these are the code for LDP on truck

back to the security building and pick these words to answer what is the motto of the compound from cult member:


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