Adventure Escape Cult Mystery Chapter 6 Walkthrough

By | December 26, 2015

Adventure Escape Cult Mystery Chapter 6 Walkthrough where on level 8 we will enter the AGI room, level 9 the cabin dog and level 10 mountain cave – Play as detective to go undercover and bring down the cult ! a missing friend, a mysterious stranger, a shadowy cult with a secretive leader, can you solve challenging puzzles to escape ?
Adventure Escape: Cult Mystery Murder Case, Room, Doors, and Floors Detective Story! Room Escape game by Haiku Games

Adventure Escape Cult Mystery Chapter 6 Solution

escape cult level 8 : AGI room
take laser pointer on right sofa
get 2 prism by opening left and right curtain behind the sofa
pick up leaf mirror from left plant

tap right door and place mirror, prism and laser pointer
change the mirror like the picture below to solve the escape cult laser puzzle

go to the next room
open bottom table drawer to get a screwdriver
get right chair and put it under the right vent
use screwdriver to open the vent and move to next room
get 2 USB stick on the drawer and strange note with gibberish on wall
open right shelf to get a note with many numbers and a hex key

back to the left room
observe the checkerboard in the office
each checker position represents a letter in the password
enter the laptop password : “i faked agi”

connect the usb to get a usb with evidence of seth’s duplicity
back to 1st room and use the strange note with gibberish to the mirror leaf on tree
read the numbers from text : 04 – 10 – 23 – 30
go to server room and enter the numbers to the computer
insert the usb to get USB with evidence of the murder

back to 1st AGI machine room, use hex key to open the bottom panel
use note with many numbers on it and connect the line to numbers like the escape cult reprogram AGI number puzzle answer below :
if you need help how to solve the puzzle logic :
– connect wires between chips until each chip has the right number of connections
– the number 6 must be connected to all its neighbors
– the two number 5s must be connected to all their neighbors
now insert 2 usb and you’re done

escape cult level 9 : the cabin
pick up headlamps, towel and nail polish remover
also get the antler from the deer’s head
open the book on table to read the kennel records, memorize the items for each dogs

go to the dog house and give the items for each dog like the clue from book
here’s the answer for escape cult dog puzzle :
get the dog whistle and use it on the dogs

go out and get the garden shears, then move to mountain cave
use the nail polish remover on the fence
add towel and use garden shears to make a hole
add headlamps to the dog

escape cult level 10 : mountain cave
create a path with each dog covering all steps 1 by 1 so all cave area will covered and seth can’t escape
here’s the answer for escape cult dog cave puzzle


now all you need to do is defeat seth, rescue melissa and watch the ending
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