Charmed Pop Quiz Answers Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

By | December 23, 2022

Harry Potter NEWTs Charmed Pop Quiz Answers Hogwarts Mystery ! Chiara is stressed out about the N.E.W.T.s in Hogwarts Mystery Charmed Side Quest and concerned that a failing Charms grade will threaten her dream to become a Healer ! It’s up to you to help Chiara regain her confidence in Professor Flitwick’s class and make the grade ! What you learn here will boost your score in the Charms N.E.W.T.s !
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there’s only 1 part of the side quest with 5 set of them, and on the 2nd task you will get a pop quiz from Professor Flitwick !

Charmed Side Quest Hogwarts Mystery

here are the answers (circle) for professor flitwick charmed quiz :

Which is known as the Unlocking Charm ?
x Anti-Alohomora Charm
o Alohomora Charm
x Unlockio Charm

What does the Defodio spell do ?
o Gouges out portions of earth or stone
x Makes word appear on a blackboard
x Removes food from a plate

Which spell fills the ears of anyone in the vicinity with a buzzing sound ?
x Confundus
o Muffliato
x Buzzencio

What does Confringo do ?
x Adds fringe to an outfit
o Causes an explosion
x Shoots water

The Impervius spell protects against what ?
x Fire
o Water
x Gnomes

and on task 3 there’s a question from Hagrid :
what type o’ Charm can yeh use teh stop the Fire Crab ?
o Extinguishing Charm
x Lumos Solem
x Bubble Head Charm


The quest rewards 3 gems, 200 coins, 500 XP and 2 chocolate frog cards