Murder Manor Chapter 6 Memories of Remorse Walkthrough

By | January 8, 2015

Murder Manor Chapter 6 Memories of Remorse Walkthrough – Play as detective to solve Murder at the manor ! Meet the suspects on the manor and solve puzzles to escape ! Can you solve the murder and escape?
Adventure Escape: Murder Manor Mystery Room, Doors, and Floors Detective Story! Room Escape game by Haiku Games

Adventure Escape Murder Manor Chapter 6: Memories of Remorse Solution
Pick up the shears on cemetery, go left and use the shears to cut vines on left and right to get 2 headstone and egg.

Back to cemetery and put the egg on top of right tree. Get spigot from tree.
Go to left and connect the spigon on middle and turn on the fountain to get a wrench.

Move back to the shed and use the wrench to remove 4 screws that lock the cabinet and get 3rd headstone.

Back to cemetery and connect all 3 headstones to the tombstone.
Look at each headstone symbols and dates, then enter the correct number on the block to open the mausoleum.


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