Murder Manor Chapter 9 Fallen Walkthrough

By | January 8, 2015

Murder Manor Chapter 9 Fallen Walkthrough – Play as detective to solve Murder at the manor ! Meet the suspects on the manor and solve puzzles to escape ! Can you solve the murder and escape?
Adventure Escape: Murder Manor Mystery Room, Doors, and Floors Detective Story! Room Escape game by Haiku Games

Adventure Escape Murder Manor Chapter 9: Fallen Solution
Tap the telephone, you need to fix the switchboard
if you read the clue :
The telephone has an elaborate password !
1. Each square must lit either green or red
2. Beside each row and column are listed the lengths of the consecutive green lights in the row
3. if you get a row or column correct, it will be corssed out and locked in place

here’s the telephone puzzle answer :

get the rock on ground and use it to hit the windmill’s propeller. So it will fall on will. case closed !


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