Murder Manor Chapter 7 The Wickham Legacy Walkthrough

By | January 8, 2015

Murder Manor Chapter 7 The Wickham Legacy Walkthrough – Play as detective to solve Murder at the manor ! Meet the suspects on the manor and solve puzzles to escape ! Can you solve the murder and escape?
Adventure Escape: Murder Manor Mystery Room, Doors, and Floors Detective Story! Room Escape game by Haiku Games

Adventure Escape Murder Manor Chapter 7: The Wickham Legacy Solution
Go to upstairs and open door, get axe behind the curtain and move inside. Place axe to the knight armor.
Open the cabinet and get a key and antler from middle deer above the knight.

Go back to the first room and open the desk drawer to get vinegar. Use it on painting to reveal safe. Use the antler to get gear in the grate.
Place the gear on the cuckoo clock and repair it by placing the missing gears. Then you’ll get a picture clue for the safe : ball – butterfly – deer – sword

so count these items :
pool balls = 6
butterfly = 9
deer = 4
sword = 8

open the safe with code 6948 and get a torn of letter, connect the puzzle like this :

now tap the books on right and place them in correct order like clue on paper.
go inside the room and you’ll finish this chapter.


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4 thoughts on “Murder Manor Chapter 7 The Wickham Legacy Walkthrough

  1. kanza aslam

    Excellent…… I loved this solved cheats thankssß

  2. Samiee

    hilee plzzz help me m on chapter 7 but indnt knw how can i found missing gare when i go to 3 clock nd the error 1 missng gare where i found plzzz hlppp plzzzz

    1. Ganja

      U go to the te other room u have three dear heads u touch one in the midle his antler will fall of u pick it up get back to the first room there u have that shiny vent stuf that if u remember u can open use the antler to open it


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