Stump Riddles Level 71 – 80 Answers

By | July 29, 2015

Game Cheats for Stump Riddles Level 71 – 80 Answers – solve the riddle from the question or picture clue ! count how many letters for your riddle answer and pick the correct letter into word !
Stump Riddles Game Answer – Guess the Puzzle Word! Challenging Rebus Puzzles & Brain Teasers By MuseWorks, Inc.

Stump Riddles Level 71 : C C C C C C C , seven C = Seven Seas
Stump Riddles Level 72 : 10 10 2 10 10, 2 covered by 10 = Too Intense
Stump Riddles Level 73 : amUous = Ambiguous
Stump Riddles Level 74 : Three little letters. A paradox to some. The worse that it is, the better it becomes. = Pun
Stump Riddles Level 75 : 10 times & 2 issues in a line, issues issues issues issues issues issues issues issues issues issues = Tennis Shoes
Stump Riddles Level 76 : Up on high i wave away, but not a word i can say. = Flag
Stump Riddles Level 77 : We are five little objects, of any everyday sort. You will find us all in a tennis court. = Vowels
Stump Riddles Level 78 : Book (-k) + Egg (-eg+ie) = Boogie
Stump Riddles Level 79 : S S S S B B B B A A A A R R R R G G G G = Up For Grabs
Stump Riddles Level 80 : At nightfall i come without being fetched. By day i am lost, without being stolen. = Star


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