Stump Riddles Level 61 – 70 Answers

By | July 28, 2015

Game Guide for Stump Riddles Level 61 – 70 Answers – solve the riddle from the question or picture clue ! count how many letters for your riddle answer and pick the correct letter into word !
Stump Riddles Game Answer – Guess the Puzzle Word! Challenging Rebus Puzzles & Brain Teasers By MuseWorks, Inc.

Stump Riddles Level 61 : What runs around a city, but never moves? = Walls
Stump Riddles Level 62 : What goes up, but never comes down? = Your Age
Stump Riddles Level 63 : What belong to you, but others use it more than you? = Your Name
Stump Riddles Level 64 : What’s full of holes, but still hold water? = Sponge
Stump Riddles Level 65 : You went to the forest and got me, you sat down to seek me, you couldn’t find me, so you took me home with you. = Splinter
Stump Riddles Level 66 : What goes in dry and comes out wet? The longer it is, the stronger it gets. = Teabag
Stump Riddles Level 67 : I am a five-letter word. If you remove my last four letter, I’m still pronounced the same. = Queue
Stump Riddles Level 68 : I know a word. Six Letters it contains. Take away one, and twelve is what remains. What word am i? = Dozens
Stump Riddles Level 69 : On Thursday, you’re officially over this. = Hump
Stump Riddles Level 70 : Squeeze it and it cries tears. It’s as red as its flesh, but its heart is made of stone. = Cherry


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