Time Library Chapter 6 The Sundial Walkthrough

By | July 11, 2015

Time Library Chapter 6 The Sundial Walkthrough – Join Alice, Hiro and Librarian to discover the secrets of the time library ! solve unique puzzle and escape from sticky situations to save the world !
Adventure Escape: Time Library (Time Travel Story and Point and Click Mystery Room Game) Room Escape game by Haiku Games

cheat of adventure escape time library level 6 video guide :

Adventure Escape Time Library Chapter 6 The Sundial Solution
get the red flowers and mixing bowl piece

tap the puzzle color on middle wall and change the top color into :
cyan – blue – green
yellow – orange – blue

go to right room
get a grinding stone and yucca brush
connect the mixing bowl on ground
place the red flowers inside and add a grinding stone
get yucca brush on the bowl for paint

tap the middle wall stone and read the paper for clue :
The numbers in each square represents exactly how many squares must be painted red near the square (both adjacent and diagonally)
For example, if the number says 9, you know all squares next to the square and the square itself must be painted red.
On the other hand, if the number says 4, there are 4 red squares and the rest are white.
If the number says 0, you know that all squares should be painted white.

o = white
x = red

o o o o o x o o o o
o o o o x o o o o o
o o o x x x x o o o
o o x x x x x x o o
x o x x x x x x x o
o x x x x x x x o x
o o x x x x x x o o
o o o x x x x o o o
o o o o o x o o o o
o o o o x o o o o o

look at the picture of people hunting deer, you need to change the middle stone into the correct order :
dog – mouse – snake – house
obtain a sundial style
go back and place it to the missing sundial

you will get hint that the shadow is pointing at 8 o’clock
go to the right door and change the number into 0930
open the door and escape


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