Adventure Escape Space Crisis Chapter 2 Walkthrough

By | July 4, 2016

Adventure Escape Space Crisis Chapter 2 Walkthrough to find the missing crew – Play as commander morgan to find the missing crew and bring them back home ! Solve the puzzle logic on space station to escape with a lot of unique challenges, save the station and return home in Adventure Escape: Space Crisis !
A Science Fiction Mystery and Puzzle Survival Story – Room Escape game by Haiku Games

Adventure Escape Space Crisis Level 2 Solution

escape space missing crew walkthrough
open top right compartment to get a spray, pick up the botts and empty air tank on floor
open middle door and move inside
open the compartments to get hammer, gloves and hose
look at the screen sign Entry Codes : Toxic Gas 7471
enter the code number to the keypad to open the crew door

back to the pervious room and use hammer to open left closet
you need to place the missing gloves and boots to the empty slot
now sort the space suit puzzle in the correct order to get a spacesuit

connect the hose and empty air tank to the right faucet and you will get a full air tank
now you can enter the crew room, where you’ll find a dead body
get a duct tape on right locker and a wrench on the floor bag

use the wrench to open the air vent on top
use spray to see the leak on top of left door
patch the leak using duct tape, then press the screen next to door to turn on the fan
leave the room and tap on the right door to complete this level


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