Buy 1 new pieces of furniture for your flat Hogwarts Mystery

By | January 18, 2024

Do you know how to Buy 1 new pieces of furniture for your flat in harry potter hogwarts mystery ? it’s one of a task in beyond hogwarts Full Marks to buy furniture !

How to buy furniture for your flat in hogwarts mystery ?
It’s in the in-game store; just click on the hanger. They broke it out from “buy customisations” and made a third category.
You have to be in the flat to do it. Click on the chair to light up all the items, then click on an item.

In this instance, I clicked on the dresser, where the puffskein sleeps. When you look at the category for that space, it will show what you already have that can go in that space; then it may or may not show Store next to that. There are your choices.


credits to Dennis Eagan for the explanation ! Good luck finishing the full marks task and get a BINGO to get more points !