Christmas Carnival Wizard Trivia Hogwarts Mystery

By | December 13, 2022

Now’s your chance to have a magical Halloween at the Hogsmeade Christmas Carnival Hogwarts Mystery ! Use Tokens earned at Hogwarts to play games at the carnival and turn your Prize Tickets into fun, carnival rewards.
Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery by Jam City, Inc. on iOS and Android devices

Go to festival grounds and play the christmas themed games, there are :
– float or fall
– spell trivia
– wizard trivia
– duelling
– candy sorting
– spell-shooting gallery
– memory match
– maze scavenger hunt

Things we’ll be looking for in the maze :
doxy queen
filch & mrs. norris
frost salamander
vintage butterbeer barrel
winter owl

look at hogwarts mystery wizard trivia for the complete list of question and answers, you can also check below list of the new christmas wizard trivia :

How long are the Hogwarts holidays typically?
Two weeks

How many trees are in the Great Hall each year?

In what month is the Winter Solstice?

What are enriching holiday falls during the Christmas holidays?
Goblin Bank Holiday

What castle decorations are enchanted to sing carols each year?
Suits of armour

What curious former Hogwarts student was born on 31 December?
Tom Marvolo Riddle

What dance is held as part of the Triwizard Tournament?
Yule Ball

What dessert does Professor Snape sometimes get nostalgic for?

What explosive item contains a much-desired gift?
Christmas Cracker

What falls from the ceiling of the Great Hall all winter?
Warm snow

What famous Hogwarts object might give us a glimpse inside our Christmas gifts?
Mirror of Erised

What game did Penny once introduce to the students who stayed at Hogwarts one winter?
White Hippogriff

What holiday occurs on 26 December?
Boxing Day

What important event occurs on 6 December?
Hagrid’s birthday

What magical creature caused a disaster during a Christmas production of the Fountain of Fair Fortune?
An engorged Ashwinder

Where does the annual Christmas feast take place?
The Great Hall

Which of these is a real dessert served at the Christmas feast?
Flaming Christmas Pudding

Who delivered gifts to patients at St Mungo’s dressed as Father Christmas?

Who’s generally in charge of giving students who stay at Hogwarts during the holidays their gifts?
Professor McGonagall


Who’s in charge of gathering large fir trees for the Great Hall each year?
Rubeus Hagrid