Complete 1 Creature Expedition Hogwarts Mystery

By | January 9, 2024

Do you know how to Complete 1 Creature Expedition Hogwarts Mystery ? it’s one of the full marks tile requirements with animal paw icon !
FULL MARKS energy task in harry potter hogwarts mystery to complete creature expedition

Where is the creature expedition in hogwarts mystery location ?
You can access the Creature Activity Window in the Magical Creatures Reserve by tapping on the red mailbox with owl on it. Once there you will be given a selection of different expeditions to choose from.
Each expedition varies in time and in cost (pages, brown, red or yellow notebooks). Once you have selected your expedition you will be able to choose which of your creatures from the available list is best to send according to the description of the expedition.


There are milestones that show your creatures progression on the expedition marked with flags. This will inform you of things like your creature arrived to the location, your creature is hard at work, your creature is starting their final task.
You will also have the option to speed up time and complete the expedition quicker. Cost to speed up time may vary from expedition to expedition and can include the use of timer toffees and even creature food. Once the expedition has been fully completed you will be awarded your rewards and bonus rewards.
Good luck finishing the full marks task and get a BINGO to get more points !