DNBHL Level 21 22 23 24 25 Walkthrough

By | March 25, 2015

Solution for DNBHL Level 21 22 23 24 25 Walkthrough with explanation how to solve puzzle code on each levels that you don’t understand the question what to do ? This riddle game provides a dark and scary experience that will get you tremendously excited.
Do Not Believe His Lies : The Unforgiving Riddle by theM Dev for android and ios

DNBHL Level 21 Walkthrough
C3H7NO3 – C5H9NO4
find the names for each of the chemical formula (C3H7NO3 = Serine or S)
enter code : STOP AND DIE

DNBHL Level 22 Walkthrough
4.002602 126.90447 12.0107 238.0289
figure out which elements from the Periodic Table have these atomic weights
He = 4.002602, I = 126.90447, C = 12.0107, U = 238.0289
enter code : HE HE HE I C U

DNBHL Level 23 Walkthrough
enter code : NOT EXPECTED

DNBHL Level 24 Walkthrough
“expose inner further facts”
Kostel means church and the inner further facts are supposed to be your bones
enter code : CHURCH OF BONES

DNBHL Level 25 Walkthrough
listen to the piano tune and figure out which piano keys are playing
enter code : DEFACED CAFE


Only the Weak Give Up. It always seems impossible, until it’s done! To pass the answer on each level will requires time and a lot of thought, it can be a cut-out and combined a puzzle, translated morse codes, decrypted a photo, watched a heart pumping video, learning how to decipher stereograms and many more !