Doors & Rooms 3 Chapter 2 Stage 5 Walkthrough

By | January 15, 2016

Solution of Doors & Rooms 3 Chapter 2 Stage 5 Walkthrough – Find clues and solve puzzle on the submarine lab room ! there’s a secret door to be found on this level, so unlock level 9 using secret item from level 6.
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You need to find 3 batteries that full with energy then use it to summon the submarine as your way out !

doors and rooms 3 chapter 2 stage 5 video guide :

doors & rooms 3 chapter 2 stage 5 walkthrough
If you have the red lever from the 2nd floor, you can move the coal pine machine downstairs
Wipe the coal dust off the card by combining the cleaner and the towel, and then the submarine power device can be opened
Use the battery on the shape password input system, and press the shapes on the first floor’s wall in order
Put the shovel with coal into the heater with four levers and increase the output, and the first liquid battery component will appear

Using the pentagonal wrench set the pentagonal screw on the first floor to :
wide cask-6
medium cask-4
thin cask-3
then the mechanical machine on the 2nd floor’s lab will operate, and the second liquid battery component will appear

When two liquid battery components are combined, the blue color will appear
By putting this into a syringe and combining it with an empty battery, a rechargeable battery will be made
Connect power to the charger on the first floor, and charge the dead battery


Put three charged batteries into the submarine power supply device on the second floor and press ON, and you can escape in the submarine on the first floor