Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Beautification Potion Walkthrough

By | July 20, 2018

Guide for Year 4 Chapter 11 Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Beautification Potion Walkthrough – You discovered that the only way to get rid of the Red Cap guarding the missing arrowhead is with a Beautification Potion. Fortunately, you’re friends with Penny Haywood.
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Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Year 4 Chapter 11 Walkthrough

There are 7 task in year 4 chapter 11 :
1. Talk to penny about brewing a Beautification Potion (Great Hall, Lower Floor – West)
Friendship activity : Plan Your Beautification Potion with Penny!
with 3 diamonds to pass and recommended attributes : 19 19 20
here are the question and answers :
Why a Beautification Potion ?
+ to get rid of a Red Cap
v to get rid of the curse
x to get rid of a Centaur

Where do we get Ginger Root ?
+ Herbology Class
v Hagrid’s garden
x Charms Class

How about Fairy Wings ?
+ Care of Magical Creatures
v The Forbidden Forest
x Transfiguration Class

We need a place to brew in private
+ The Artefact Room
v The Forest Grave
x The Great Hall

2. Gather ingredients from Herbology Class (Lower Floor – East)
Professor Sprout will ask you “Why do you want Ginger Root?”
– To bring to Potions
– To put in drinks
– To scare a Red Cap
Professor Sprout suggest you to go visit Hagrid

3. Visit Hagrid’s Hut to get ingredients (Castle Grounds)
Finish “Hangout in Hagrid’s Hut” activity with 1 star to pass in 3 hours

4. Get ingredients from Professor Kettleburn (Care of Magical Creatures – Castle Grounds)
Merula will ask you for an update on your search for the Cursed Vault :
– it’s going good
– it’s going bad
– it’s not your concern

5. Search the Forbidden Forest for ingredients (Forest Grove – Forbidden Forest)
Finish “Get Ingredients from the Forbidden Forest” activity with 1 star to pass in 3 hours

6. Brew a Beautification Potion with Penny (Corridor, Lower Floor – West)
Finish “Brew a Beautification Potion” with 1 star to pass in 3 hours

Penny will ask you “what if your brother doesn’t want to be found?”
– that’s ridiculous
– that’s interesting
– that’s terrifying

7. Use Beautification Potion on the Red Cap
Professor Snape will ask you to “Explain yourself”
– I’m not doing anything
– I’m not saying anything
– I’m flying to the forest

then he will destroy the broom that you borrow 😛


There are 2 Lessons to learn in order to finish this chapter :
– Care of Magical Creatures : Streeler (snail)
– Herbology Classroom : Shrivelfig (magical plant used in many potions from Abyssinia)