Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Become A Prefect Walkthrough

By | August 12, 2018

Guide for Year 4 Achievements Side Quest Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Become A Prefect Walkthrough – You’ve been given an incredible opportunity to earn one of Hogwarts’ greatest honours by becoming a House Prefect !
Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery by Jam City, Inc. on iOS and Android devices

Become a Prefect Achievements : Earn by completing the Become a Prefect Special Adventure and you also get rewards +5 Gems

you will have 4 days and 23 hours to finish this adventure

Rewards :
Part 1 = Coins
Part 2 = Gems
Part 3 = Gems
Part 4 = Prefect Badge

Here are some options that will be asked on the quest adventure :
Part 1 : Talk to Your head house
Can you enforce school rules, even taking house points from your house if necessary ?
– I’ll take House Points
– I’ll find another way

From Tulip Karasu :
As a Prefect, what will you do if you catch me breaking the rules ?
– Do my job
– Look the other way
– Don’t make me choose

From Penny :
Don’t you think you should talk to Rowan ?
– I’ll talk to Rowan
– Forget Rowan


when you’re done you will see this on the achievements :
Starting in Year 5, you’ll lead your house and mentor younger students as a Prefect
Visit the Store now to wear your special Prefect Robes! Your Prefect privileges duties start at the beginning of Year 5 ! and you can enter Prefects’ Bathroom at west towers =)