Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Dealing With Trouble Walkthrough

By | April 27, 2018

Guide for Year 1 Chapter 3 Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Dealing With Trouble Walkthrough – after your encounter with the belligerent Slytherin, Merula Snyde, you must seek out a way to recover the House Points you lost.
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go back to your house common room and meet your prefect to explain what happened in potions classroom, but first.. in the dungeons corridor you will meet Ben Copper, a first year Gryffindor Mudblood that Merula bullied.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Year 1 Chapter 3 Walkthrough

In your house common room your prefect will ask you why you lost 10 House Points and considering what your brother did to house’s reputation, he/she should have kept a close eye on you.
There will be 3 options :
– it wasn’t your fault
– you’re sorry
– you’re not your brother
remember that the option you choose will give points to either : courage, empathy or knowledge.

The prefect will tell you that Professor Snape already sent you a letter directly to your common room, where you need to bring him a jar of Pickled Slugs from the Potions Storeroom and he will consider restoring your house points.
There will be an option to choose rowan to go with you or not ?
– yes
– no

here’s what happened if you choose rowan or not

When you go to corridor it’s dark and you will use LUMOS spell as flashlight =) Surprise, a deadly plant called Devil’s Snare inside and it’s sensitive to light ! Appearantly merula locked you inside and she’s the one who sending you a fake letter from Snape.
now to ESCAPE THE DEVIL’S SNARE you need to spend some energy in 8 hours that require 5 stars to pass, also you can’t leave the room until you’ve completed the activity.. so make sure you have enough energy to spend.

When you’re done Rubeus Hagrid will “save” you, he’s the keeper of keys and grounds at hogwarts.
You’ll explain to hagrid that merula snyde locked you inside, and he’ll asked what you’re going to do ?
– tell dumbledore
– tell your classmates
– get revenge

Go back to common room and meet your prefect to explain the situation. The prefect will asked you to change clothes

Now go attending flying class at castle ground, Ben will tell you that he’s afraid falling =)) and he don’t think he can do this, options for you to choose :
– you can do it, Ben
– just watch me, Ben
FLYING CLASS will need 1 hour, so if you have full energy then you can finish it in no time ! next thing you know that Madam Hooch will give you 10 House Points for helping Ben overcome their fears.

Next you need to meet Rowan in the clocktower courtyard to play gobstones, you will need these recommended attributes to start :
1 courage, 1 empathy, 1 knowledge
This is an interactive options game where you need to choose the BEST respond for the question and you will have a limited 6 turns.
overwhelmed > offer help
thrilled > encourage
having fun > suggest a game
stoked > agree
excited > offer help


Merula will start bully you again and you will have options to respond :
– expose her secrets
– ignore her
– reason with her
if you expose her secrets, you will tell merula that you know that her parents are locked up in azkaban for being loyal to he who must not be named in the wizarding war.
Merula will challenge you to duel :
– walk away
– cast a spell
if you choose cast a spell, you will use LUMOS … LOL
either way she will use FLIPENDO on you
to complete this chapter you need to finish lessons : basic flying I