Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Jae Kim Walkthrough

By | September 21, 2018

Friendship guide for Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Jae Kim Walkthrough – Jae Kim is a loyal, laidback Gryffindor who isn’t afraid to bend the rules to bring the coolest contraband to Hogwarts. If you’re looking for a hard-to-find item, start by asking Jae
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You need to Beat Jae’s House-Elf Quiz and Discipline Quiz to raise his friendship and for Jae Kim max level friendship reward we will get the outfit : Top Hoodie ! we will add the questions and answers for jae kim friendship quiz soon 🙂

You will meet Jae Kim on the first chapter of year 5 on DADA Class and here’s the interaction that you can get from him :

when you reach level 10 of Jae Kim friendship, you will get Top Hoodie outfit reward

Meal with a Friend – Beat Jae’s House-Elf Quiz
How do you free a House-Elf?
o get clothes from their master
x give them weapons
x give them hugs

What are Elves most similar to?
o Yumboes
x Fairies
x Pixies

What is a House-Elf’s statues?
o Being
x Beast
x Creature

Who do House-Elves serve?
o Their master’s family
o Their Master
x Their ancestors

Meal with a Friend – Beat Jae’s Discipline Quiz
What can get you expelled?
o Casting spells in front of Muggles
x Swimming with Merpeople
x Screaming at Mandrakes

What follows expulsion?
o Your wand is destroyed
o You’re removed from school
x Your robes are burned

Who can take House Points?
o Teachers
x Aurors
x Caretakers

What privileges can be taken?
o Suspension from Quidditch
o Forbidden from Hogsmeade
x Banned from sandwiches

Play Gobstones – Win at Gobstones by Distracting Jae
Let’s play, …
o Let’s talk about banned items…
v Let’s discuss detention instead
x Let’s focus on the game

Don’t try to distract me…
o I work at Borgin and Burkes
v I have a contact in Azkaban
x Is that something i would do ?

How do you like Gobstones?
o It’s better than anything illegal
v it’s better than detention
x it’s requires my complete attention

Look at this move…
o Look at my vault at Gringotts
v Look at the banned items list
x Look, i’m trying to concentrate

Drink Butterbeer – Prove how well you know Jae !
What do we do in the kitchens?
o make sandwiches
o wash dishes
x sing work songs

What place do i try to avoid?
o The library
o Filch’s Office
x Diagon Alley

Where did we meet?
o The Kitchens
x The library
x Charms Class

What’s my surname
o Kim
x Kang
x Ki

Who’s my head of house ?
o Professor McGonagall
x Professor Dumbledore
x Professor Sprout

What’s the name of our boss?
o Pitts
x Fitz
x Swetty


Strengthen Friendships ! You can have special interactions with your companions, like Playing Gobstones in the Courtyard and Eating Meals in the Great Hall. Complete these interactions to raise your Friendship Level and unlock valuable rewards. You can even earn the chance to invite your companins on special adventures!