Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Revenge Is Best Served Magical Walkthrough

By | May 2, 2018

Guide for Year 1 Chapter 4 Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Revenge Is Best Served Magical Walkthrough – Merula will continue to be a thorn in your side unless you improve your duelling skills. Perhaps you can find a tutor…
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Report to your prefect on training grounds to talk about your recent confrontation with Merula Snyde.
Rowan will ask if you want to talk about what merula said about your brother ?
– yes
– no
If you choose yes then you will explain what happened to your brother, that he was obsessed with the idea that there were Cursed Vaults containing mysterious treasures hidden at Hogwarts. He broke all kinds of rules and put people in danger while trying to prove he was right. Some people say he unleashed curses on Hogwarts. Some say he was cursed himself. Everyone thought he was mad. Merula was lying about him being involved with Voldemort, but she was right about him being missing. After he got expelled, he ran away from home and hasn’t been seen since. There were rumours he came back to hogwarts, searching for the vaults.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Year 1 Chapter 4 Walkthrough

Your prefect will help teach you to defend yourself, how to duel. First you need to go to Artefact Room to find secret duelling book, it will teach you various spells, potions, and techniques. Go to Corridor and find the duelling book.
Search for the book will require 1 star to pass in 1 hour, so make sure you have enough energy.

After you found the book, you will see some vision :
A walking suit of armor. A staircaseshrouded in mist. Ice encasing Hogwarts, spreading faster and faster…
with a voice :
The ice is here. The vault will open.

Go to great hall in lower floor – west to see what rowan’s learned from the duelling book.
Play encounter in dinner with rowan with these recommended attributes : 2 courage, 1 empathy or 2 knowledge
Rowan will ask you what do you want this new spell to do ?
– Hurt Merula
– Embarrass Merula
– have many uses

Also Rowan find out that Professor Flitwick is a champion dueller! You should ask him to give you some tips, or even teach you a cool duelling spell.
talk to professor Flitwick in courtyard lower floor – west, he’s the best with Stupefy and Protego spell. He will ask you why do you want to duel ?
– Duelling is cool
– To defend myself
– To learn more skills

He will teach you the finest self-defence spell he know, the dueller’s most essential spell : Expelliarmus.
It is intended to disarm your opponent without causing them injury…
You will need to have 5 stars to pass ASK FLITWICK FOR HELP in 3 hours activity. When you’re done, he will ask you to promise him that you will only duel if you have no other choice :
– I promise
– I can’t promise

Meet with rowan in your house common room and rowan will teach you the tickling charm, Rictusempra
you will need 5 stars to pass LEARN RICTUSEMPRA in 1 hours activity
then you will test the hilarious spell on rowan, it will give you 3 options :
– not on you
– not here
– sure, why not?


You will need to finish wiggenweld potion lessons in this chapter. In the potion class, snape will praise Merula and you will have 3 options :
– question snape
– mock merula
– appease snape
if you choose appease snape he will give you 10 house points