Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Seeing Red Walkthrough

By | July 12, 2018

Guide for Year 4 Chapter 10 Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Seeing Red Walkthrough – After failing to find the missing arrowhead within the walls of Hogwarts, you’ll need to search elsewhere, and face the most frightening beast you’ve ever seen.
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Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Year 4 Chapter 10 Walkthrough

There are 6 task in year 4 chapter 10 :
1. talk to charlie about finding the missing arrowhead (great hall, lower floor – west)
2. convince ben / andre / ismelda to join you in the forbidden forest (three broomsticks, hogsmeade)
3. search the forbidden forest with your friends (forest grove, forbidden forest)
4. search for madam rakepick’s niffler (red cap’s hole, forbidden forest)
5. work out how the deal with the red cap (forest grove, forbidden forest)
6. meet with your friends to work out what to do about the red cap (library, lower floor – east)


There are 2 Lessons to learn in order to finish this chapter :
– charms classroom : scourgify
– transfiguration classroom : orchideous