Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Three Broomsticks Walkthrough

By | May 24, 2018

Guide for Year 3 Chapter 3 Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Three Broomsticks Walkthrough – Hagrid said your brother Jacob frequented Hogsmeade’s Three Broomsticks Inn. You head there now, eager to learn the connection between Boggarts and the Cursed Vaults with Madam Rosmerta. Also don’t forget what ingredients you need to grow in herbology class 😛
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Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Year 3 Chapter 3 Walkthrough

Go to courtyard and get privilege to enter Hogsmeade Village. You will meet Andre Egwu at Hogsmeade, he’s a 3rd year like you but already the best Quidditch player in school! though he’ll said that Charlie Weasley might be a bit better and that’s why he never go anywhere without his Pride of Portree scarf. The Prides are the best team in the league !
Cursed ice had trapped Andre in the Quidditch Changing Rooms when you broke the curse on that vault. He will give you a proper outfit for exploring Hogmeade, you can choose :
– a cool coat
– a stylish scarf
– some smart trouser
NOTE : don’t change your outfit if you want the “gift” that andre gave you, because it will gone 🙁

Andre said that you’re going to be breaking curses and getting dates in no time with your new outfit :
– help me get a date
– forget about dating

if you choose help me get a date, your respond will be :
You : I’ve never ben on a date. I wouldn’t even know how to get one…
Andre : Because you’ve been busy breaking curses, and saving Hogwarts! Most students don’t start dating until they’re at least fourth-years. Just find me when you’re ready, and i’ll tell you everything i know.

Now go to Three Broomsticks to meet Rowan and see Madam Rosmerta ! Rowan have read about this place in Sites of Historical Sorcery, Notable Magical Names of Our Time, Great Wizard of the Twentieth Century… you need to talk to Madam Rosmerta to find out what she knows about your brother and his research on the Cursed Vaults.
But first Hagrid will welcome you to Three Broomsticks and asked what do you think so far :
– i think i’m thirsty
– it seems like fun

To finish wait for Rosmerta activity you need 1 star to pass in 3 hours. Now talk to Madam Rosmerta about your brother, Jacob. She remember Jacob is a quiet boy, sweet, He spent a lot of time at the bar, scribbling in notebooks. Then one day, a pair of Ministry Aurors grabbed Jacob by the hood of his robes, and dragged him out the door. The only thing he left behind was a Black Quill.

Madam Rosmerta will ask you to do an odd job or two, but in the meantime, make sure her customers are taken care of while she look for the quill. Finish Help out Rosmerta with 1 star to pass in 3 hours.
She’s trying to produce a special concoction, an extra-sweet brew of Butterbeer. Will you help to collect some of the more obscure ingredients ?
– I’ll help!
– I don’t want to help

Collect these 3 ingredients to brew Extra-Sweet Butterbeer :
grow Sugar Shrub in Herbology Class
Mallowsweet in Potions Classroom
Moondew, fresh or dried doesn’t matter
in herbology class you need to remember the plant called :
– Self-fertilising Shrub
– Sugar Shrub
– Gurdyroot

Now meet Rosmerta and if you give her the correct ingredients, she will ask Professor Dumbledore to reward you with House Points. She finally found your brother’s Black Quill and you will cast Reparifarge on it to get the notebook that filled with everything he’d learned about the Cursed Vaults! but suddenly Mr Filch take it from you and he’ll be adding it to the collection of confiscated contraband in his office.

Professor Snape’s orders. Anything related to the Cursed Vaults is to be kept away from students… for their safety, of course… and the chapter is complete 🙂


There are 2 Lessons you need to learn in chapter 3 :
– charm class : Petrificus Totalus – Full Body-Bind Curse and useable in dueling (+10 House Points)
– transfiguration class : Felifors – turn cats into cauldrons