Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Tulip Karasu Walkthrough

By | June 13, 2018

Guide for Year 3 Chapter 5 Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Tulip Karasu Walkthrough – With Filch pranked and Jacob’s notebook in hand, you now must discern what your brother knew about the connection between Boggarts and the Cursed Vaults.
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Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Year 3 Chapter 5 Walkthrough

Meet with Rowan in your house common room and decode the notebook with 1 star to pass in 3 hours
Rowan decipher the code : ‘these Boggarts must have something to do with the curse protecting the next vault, which means someone found it first. If i don’t hurry, Hogwarts is doomed.’
Rowan can decipher the rest of the notebook, but you should take someone with you to find your brother’s secret room :
– Bill Weasley (lv 1 friendship needed)
– Penny Haywood (lv 2 friendship needed)
– Ben Copper (lv 2 friendship needed)

go to corridor on lower floor – east and search Jacob’s Room
your chosen friends will ask you how did you find out about your brother’s secret room ? you’ll explain that he kept records of his search for the Cursed Vaults, Madam Rosmerta at the Three broomsticks gave you his old notebook. Rowan helped you decipher it and found out that your brother was using this room for his research.
There’s a strange padlock on the door and it has 2 keyholes. Choose a spell to get past this lock :
– Flipendo
– Alohomora

Both spells won’t work and there’s something written on the lock : Property of Tulip Karasu. Shes’s a Ravenclaw in 3rd year and always in detention.
She spends a lot of time studying alone in the Transfiguration Classroom and we’ll need her help to get into this room so let’s confront her there.
You will have 2 options what to do :
– Ask nicely
– Make her help

Tulip will said that she’s very busy and talk to Dennis until she’s finished. A toad with Dungbomb strapped to its back, you need to disarm it.. that’s the test and Tulip need to know that you’re worthy of her help.
Finish Disarm the Bomb! activity with 1 star to pass in 3 hours.
When you’re done Tulip will explain that you inspired her and she had to be the next one to open a Cursed Vault.
She immediately scoured this castle for clues until she found the abandoned room Jacob used to research the vaults.
When she found your brother’s room, she fashioned a lock with 2 keys, so no one else could find it.
She kept one key and agreed to give the other to her accomplice.

Meet Tulip in Great Hall and convince her to tell you about her accomplice. Answer her question : Why should i work with you ?
– i have information
– i can fight
– i’m just like you

Now finish Earning Tulip’s Trust with 3 Diamonds to Pass and recommended attributs
here’s the questions :
Why should i trust you ?
(x) i always follow the rules
(v) i can help you
(o) we’re after the same thing

I might betray you
(v) you’re too smart for that
(x) merula would be furious
(o) we need each other

We could get detention…
(o) i’ll take my chances
(x) or expelled. or killed. or worse
(v) not if we’re smart

Why do you break the rules?
(v) i can’t let the rules stop me
(x) i want to go to Azkaban
(o) why do you ?

She’ll explain that her accomplice is Merula Snyde, she has one of the keys to your brother’s room. The question is, how do we get Merula’s key?
– reason with her
– challenge her
– trick her

go to the Courtyard at lower floor – west where you’ll find Merula, Ismelda and barnaby together. Do you think we should get rid of Merula’s cronies first, or go straight for Merula ?
– get rid of cronies
– confront merula
Tulip will use ultimate Dungbomb to chase off Merula’s cronies, but she will need your help :
a stinksap from herbology class and duro the hardening charm, finally the banishing charm depulso.

that’s the end of this chapter 🙂

there are 2 lessons that you need to complete in this chapter :
– transfiguration class : Duro – to harden objects by turning them to stone.
– potion class : Antidote to Common Poisons


in potion class you will meet Barnaby Lee, where he told you that Merula told him to spy on you. You will tell him that Merula is a liar and ask why he helping her ?
He’ll explain that he don’t want to, but she promised to make him the most powerful wizard at hogwarts. He don’t have a choice, your respond to choose :
– Yes!
– No