Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Year 4 Walkthrough

By | June 12, 2018

Guide for Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Year 4 Walkthrough – YEAR 4 CHAPTER 1 YEAR FOUR BEGINS ! After conquering your fears, and an assortment of You Know Who Boggarts, you return to Hogwarts to open the next Cursed Vault, and finally find your brother.
Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery by Jam City, Inc. on iOS and Android devices

Reunite with your friends in the Great Hall. Talk to Penny and she will tell you that when that red-haired woman next to Dumbledore arrived, Ben went completely pale. Your responds to choose :
– i’ll check on Ben
– Ben will be fine

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Year 4 Walkthrough

In this chapter you will meet a renowned Curse Breaker who has firsthand experience with the Cursed Vaults, Patricia Rakepick !

2 Lessons that you need to finish in this chapter :
Care of Magical Creatures : Fire Crab
herbology class : Wiggentree

now for the next chapter, you can watch the walkthrough in these list of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery :
YEAR 4 CHAPTER 1 Year Four Begins
YEAR 4 CHAPTER 2 The Mysterious Madam Rakepick
YEAR 4 CHAPTER 3 All About Bowtruckles
YEAR 4 CHAPTER 4 Curse-Breakers
YEAR 4 CHAPTER 5 Time To Fly
YEAR 4 CHAPTER 6 Explore The Forbidden Forest
YEAR 4 CHAPTER 7 Beasts, Beings, And Creatures
YEAR 4 CHAPTER 8 Sickleworth
YEAR 4 CHAPTER 9 Glittery Secrets
YEAR 4 CHAPTER 10 Seeing Red
YEAR 4 CHAPTER 11 Beautification Potion
YEAR 4 CHAPTER 12 Working With Snape
YEAR 4 CHAPTER 13 Centaur’s Arrow
YEAR 4 CHAPTER 14 The Spider’s Lair
YEAR 4 CHAPTER 15 Dark Secrets
YEAR 4 CHAPTER 16 The Forest Vault
YEAR 4 CHAPTER 17 Year’s End


Side Quest :
Nearly Headless Nick – House Points
Polyjuice Potion – House Points
The Trouble With Tonks – House Points
Become a Prefect – Prefect Badge (limited timed quest)