Hidden Ruins Chapter 6 Walkthrough

By | April 26, 2017

Hidden Ruins Chapter 6 Walkthrough – Help Professor and team up with Rachel, Tawa, and Peter to stop Larissa before she takes the treasures of the Kumari civilization for herself and see if you can survive the Hidden Ruins!
Adventure Escape: Hidden Ruins – Mystery Story Room Escape game by Haiku Games

Adventure Escape Hidden Ruins Chapter 6 Solution
go to left door, there’s a maze that you need to solve
tap the correct button to make the circle room move so you can get to the other side
look at the video how to solve the maze puzzle step by step

when you’re on the cave
pick up a chunk of obsidian on ground
open the hatch to get ore, move back

go to the right door, there’s a fire that blocking your way
connect the pipes to put out the flame
put the ore on the bucket
use chunk of obsidian on the sharpener to make a sharpened obsidian

back to left cafe and use sharpened obsidian to cut the crystal on middle ground
place the crystal on top left to see a light reflection on wall
memorize the shape then go back to the right door

tap the middle wall and change the square like the pattern from crystal clue
lava will come out and you can get a melted ore
put it on left mold and obtain a shield

look at the left wall where you can see some fish with different color + direction
you need to figure out the shape of numbers for each fish color from the direction it makes
go back and tap the right box
change the numbers like the fish clue :
obtain stone quills inside

use sharpened obsidian to cut left flower
go to left cave and put the cut plant on the bowl
get a liquid vial, use it on the paper scroll
you will see some dots and direction, memorize it

back to the middle room
tap left wall and put the stone quills
rotate the symbols like the clue :
put the shield on right wall
now change the position of the correct shield like the hint :
door will open and bridge will connect
go to the last chapter


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