Hogwarts Mystery Explore Career Specializations Guide

By | September 7, 2023

Unlock Beyond Hogwarts Auror, Healer and Magizoologist Specializations from the assignment for volume 1 chapter 6 is Hogwarts Mystery Explore Career Specializations !
Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery by Jam City, Inc. on iOS and Android devices

It appears that the Auror, Magizoologist and Healer outfits will unlock at various levels along their respective reward tracks like level 5 and level 10.
Preview of the outfit rewards

Career Specialization : Auror & Healer
Auror and Healer option – continue your training from the Ministry of Magic and St. Mungos from Year 7!
Earn Auror XP by completing Auror Specialisation tasks and winning duels !
Earn Healer XP by completing Healer Specialisation tasks and earning Diamonds from any Hang out !

Magizoology is also an area in which you can specialize, and your Magizoology level from Hogwarts carries on !
More Magizoology levels have been added ! Starting at level 11 you can earn more rewards and unlock new skills !
Complete the Specialisation Tasks to practice your skills and earn XP !
You can also continue engaging in various creature related activities such as bonding, feeding and creature expeditions to earn Magizoology XP.

Max Magizoologist Level – Continue earning Magizoologist XP to earn a special gift !
It appears that earning Magizoologist XP over the maximum will give a random reward.

Each Specialisation track seems to unlock location specific repeatable tasks related to the career :
Auror : Department of Magical Law Enforcement, Forest Grove & Knockturn Alley
Healer : St. Mungo’s Alchemy Room & ROCC Ressearch Lab
Magizoologist : Centaur Camp, Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, Merpeople Village and a task in the Main Character’s flat


Earning XP for a career path will be doing repeatable Specialisation tasks, the points will be earned as :
1 Hour tasks give the best rate for Energy cost per Specialty point earned.