Is he looking for his next victim? Let’s take the other way Magic Awakened

By | October 31, 2023

Is he looking for his next victim? Let’s take the other way.” is the last clue of magic awakened puzzling pages clue ! The hint didn’t mention any location, so where to find Daniel to complete the puzzle piece ?

Go to the courtyard and you can see the puzzle icon on the fountain, click it to interact with Daniel
If you don’t know where’s the location of the fountain, you can go to the Dance Club first
Go out, then pick the right path and follow it until you reach the fountain with Puzzle icon button

After collecting 250 gold you will complete all 6 puzzle piece
you will see Azkaban as a complete image


If you missed all the location from the Puzzling Pages, here are all the locations :
the puzzling pages 1 : viaduct bridge – Daniel
the puzzling pages 2 : black lake near boathouse – Lottie
the puzzling pages 3 : quidditch tent – Robin
the puzzling pages 4 : library – Frey brothers
the puzzling pages 5 : herbology classroom – Cassandra
the puzzling pages 6 : courtyard fountain – Daniel

good luck completing all 6 puzzle pieces