Norbert’s Transport Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

By | April 11, 2024

Walkthrough for Norbert’s Transport Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Side Quest – Help Hagrid deliver Baby Dragon Norbert ! Help keep watch ! Use your finesse and charm to help your friends transport Hagrid’s pet dragon, Norbert, to his new home !
Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery by Jam City, Inc. on iOS and Android devices

THIS IS A Beyond Hogwarts Chapter 14 QUEST. IF YOU ARE NOT ON Beyond Hogwarts Chapter 14 OR LATER, IT WON’T TRIGGER FOR YOU NOW. IT WILL TRIGGER FOR YOU ONCE YOU COMPLETE Beyond Hogwarts Chapter 14.

Hogwarts Mystery Norbert’s Transport
Charlie Weasley received an urgent request from his brother Ron – Hagrid is illegally taking care of a dragon and could get into big trouble if he doesn’t get rid of it ! Can you retrieve Norbert and bring it to its new home at the Dragon Sanctuary ?

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Norbert’s Transport

Requirements :
1. 8h 5 star – Meet Charlie (Campsite
2. 3h 5 star – Provide Lookout (Hogwarts Corridor)
3. 8h 3 star – Meet Norbert (Avatar Flat)
4. 8h 5 star – Transport Norbert (Norwegian Ridgeback Nest)
5. 8h 5 star – Meet with Hagrid (Hagrid’s Garden)
Reward: Norbert Nightstand, 2 Chocolate Frogs, 2 CFC, 500 XP


clothing reward : Norbert Nightstand