100 Escapers Level 13 Walkthrough

Again with plane, but this time you need a puzzle code to open door 13 ! in 100 escapers level 13 walkthrough you will have the solution 😀 answer guide for stage 13 : find 2 skull on the cockpit, look on the left skeleteon get chisel inside the skeleton go to the room with radio + chair… Read More »

100 Escapers Level 12 Walkthrough

This 100 escapers level 12 walkthrough will give you the answer how to escape from this “room” ! solution hint : discover some items and create them into parachute, because you’re on plane ! jump and you’re free 😀 help guide to pass this stage 12 : get a dresses from left and go to right get a… Read More »

100 Escapers Level 11 Walkthrough

Block the security camera vision so you can pass this door 11 ! 100 escapers level 11 walkthrough provide you the help guide how to cover each camera 🙂 hint : there are 3 cameras, 2 on wall and 1 mini camera under desk here’s the step by step answer : get the axe near fire extinguisher go… Read More »

100 Escapers Level 10 Walkthrough

The master need drink ? on 100 Escapers Level 10 Walkthrough you will learn that you must put drink on the hole to open the door ! we make the solution easier with some picture help : take a top mixer on the bottle on the left bar (where you can see door and bar) the take a… Read More »

100 Escapers Level 9 Walkthrough

Fix the key remote chain to open the door ! Read 100 escapers level 9 walkthrough 🙂 even though it’s quite long step we will help you step by step ! hint : find some items and chips to put into the remote 100 escapers room 9 solution : go to the windows and zoom in the plant… Read More »