Rebus Absurd Logic Game Level 11 Answers

By | April 2, 2015

Cheats for Jutiful App Rebus Absurd Logic Game Level 11 Answers with picture explanation to find the correct word from the puzzle images. We know that some of the pic hint could easily represent inapropriate words, so if you’re looking for the correct jutiful game rebus solutions then find all of the guide here for ios itunes and android google play.

Rebus Absurd Logic Game Level 11 Walkthrough
Level 11-1 : Rebus Fire on L = Fame
Level 11-2 : Rebus White P and up arrow = Pup
Level 11-3 : Rebus D on white board ads = Dad
Level 11-4 : Rebus Map and S route = Smile
Level 11-5 : Rebus t and lying t = Loft
Level 11-6 : Rebus red and grey square = Year
Level 11-7 : Rebus Pro on Weight Scale = Program
Level 11-8 : Rebus ber ter mer on Podium = Winter



This app is really fun and make you think differently about things from the picture, you can return to all Rebus Absurd Logic Game Answers and solve rebus puzzle that will make a pleasant snap in your head.

2 thoughts on “Rebus Absurd Logic Game Level 11 Answers

  1. Marcos

    I would like to know how the answer to number 6 is “year”. This has been bothering me lately. Thanks in advance

    1. Laura

      It’s a calendar. If you count the rows down it equals all the months in a year, the blocks in red are the weekends and if you count out the blocks in the rows you see 31 for Jan. 28 for Feb and so on


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