Room Escape 50 Rooms 5 Level 18 Walkthrough

By | December 17, 2017

Room Escape 50 Rooms 5 Level 18 Walkthrough – how to solve the puzzle logic clue and number codes on each room level ! 50 rooms, 50 challenge, waiting for you to escape! If you love puzzle games, you will not miss such a wonderful challenge.
Room Escape: 50 rooms V By Shenzhen Zhonglian Hudong Technology Co.,Ltd

video guide Room Escape: 50 rooms 5 level 18 cheat :

Room Escape 50 rooms V Level 18 Solution :
tap the ground and take red gem + L shape wood
look at the window for blue gem
enter 3465 from the shape point to take a knife
use it on the sack to take a silver button
connect it to left bag for crowbar
tap right ladder and use crowbar for wood plank

now place the missing woods on left door then connect them
take a milk and give it to the cat
obtain a butterfly shape and put it on the statue for green gem
place the gems on the right door and move it to the correct color spot
door will open and you can escape


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