Room Escape 50 Rooms 5 Level 7 Walkthrough

By | December 16, 2017

Room Escape 50 Rooms 5 Level 7 Walkthrough – how to solve the puzzle logic clue and number codes on each room level ! 50 rooms, 50 challenge, waiting for you to escape! If you love puzzle games, you will not miss such a wonderful challenge.
Room Escape: 50 rooms V By Shenzhen Zhonglian Hudong Technology Co.,Ltd

video guide Room Escape: 50 rooms 5 level 7 cheat :

Room Escape 50 rooms V Level 7 Solution :
tap on the rubic cube on floor and take the 1st clock’s hand
memorize the color of cube :
green = 6
red = 4
white = 1
blue = 3
enter these code on right cabinet : 3 6 4 1 and take the magnet
take 2nd clock’s hand with the magnet from the middle bottle
connect both hand on right clock
you can see the clue on the book : 350, so change the time into 3:50
take the butterfly and place it on left wall

you need to change the butterfly into blue using 8 moves
left blue into green
green into yellow
yellow into red
red into orange
orange into yellow
yellow into green
green into orange
orange into blue

take the knife and use it to open the sheet on bed for doll
place the doll under the bed for triangle block
put the triangle as nose on left doll for butterfly
place the butterfly on middle wall to take key
use key to open middle door and escape


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