Room Escape 50 Rooms 6 Level 1 Walkthrough

By | April 16, 2018

Room Escape 50 Rooms 6 Level 1 Walkthrough – how to solve the puzzle logic clue and number codes on each room level ! 50 rooms, 50 challenge, waiting for you to escape! If you love puzzle games, you will not miss such a wonderful challenge.
Room Escape: 50 rooms VI By Shenzhen Zhonglian Hudong Technology Co.,Ltd

video guide Room Escape: 50 rooms 6 level 1 cheat :

Room Escape 50 rooms VI Level 1 Solution :
tap on left trash can
take the ball and memorize the trash can color
apply it to the box on the right : blue – purple – green
take a key inside and use it to open right drawer
obtain a newspaper and look for the clue : NEWS
use the code to open the left drawer :
North – East – West – South
for direction of each arrows
take the 2nd ball inside

look on right cup and count how many shape of :
circle = 6
hearts = 9
triangle = 2

use the code to open right drawer : 629
take the last ball and put all 3 balls into the door and play the puzzle to open the door


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